"I've been working these past few months with a professional organizer LAURA SPIRO, CHARLES RIVER ORGANIZERS, and I highly recommend her!! Smart, wonderful sense of humor, industrious, prompt, and very skilled at what she does, Laura tackles any space (closets, bathroom cabinets, kitchen, your desk, storage room) with enthusiasm and a creative eye. She doesn't talk about why things are piled up, she sets in immediately to deal with it. She works with you in 3-hour or more segments and my husband and I both feel great when a section of the apartment has been transformed.  If you're feeling overwhelmed by papers or clutter of any sort the way I was, I recommend that you have a free consultation with Laura. A good time of year to get organized!" - E.S., Brookline, MA

“We highly recommend Laura. She took a room piled with junk and turned it into a great and functional living space. Not only did she help determine what should stay and what should go, a task we had been happily avoiding, she organized everything in a way that made it a great multi-use space for our daughter for sewing, art and homework. We gained a major part of our living space back because of Laura. We were lucky to find her!” - H.E., Cambridge, MA

“I hired Laura to deal with several valuable employees whose disorganization was interfering with their work and the office’s atmosphere. While she got rid of the mess, she also trained my employees in the art of organization. I have her back quarterly to keep us in check.” - D.R., Boston, MA

“I got in touch with Laura Spiro of Charles River Organizers when the time had come to put my parents in assisted living. The task before me was daunting. My parents had occupied the house for almost 50 years and kept everything. What to keep for their assisted living residence? What to give away or toss?  What did I want to keep? Laura helped me make sense of an overwhelming project. We thoroughly reviewed the large house room by room, disposed of unwanted things and retained what made sense. My parents began the next stage of their lives in familiar but uncluttered surroundings. I kept significant items from my childhood, and we were able to put the newly cleaned house on the market. What's more, we made a little money selling some of the unwanted goods and furniture. Laura and her assistant Chuck helped me through a difficult and emotionally fraught process. I highly recommend her services to those of you in my position.” - J.L., Newton, MA

“I can’t tell you how much your services have improved my life, I’m less stressed and happier not worrying about how my place looks and feels. Your help and education on making a place for everything is invaluable, I’ve been “meaning” to it do for years. After 3 months I still look around daily, put things in their place or, if important enough to keep, find a place for it. It’s still a joy to walk into a beautiful room that was once was filled with nothing but clutter and actually have open space in closets! Thank you for your expertise and the push that I needed, I never would have conquered it without you!” - J.O., Brookline, MA

“Because of Laura’s organizing, I no longer pay $126 a month for a storage space that I had for six years! I have her come back once a month or so to keep me on track, and she is patiently teaching me how to keep things less cluttered. It was a hard process and Laura made me feel in control. I am no longer embarrassed to have people over and lost the sense of dread I had just being at home. She truly changed my life.” - D.F., Woodstock, VT

“Thanks to Laura and Charles River Organizers, the boxes that had been sitting around since my move last year are gone! She helped me through the sorting process, and offered ideas about how to integrate the items I really cared about into my new home. Chuck did all the heavy lifting and Laura was easy to work with, offering direction and advice when I really needed it, and plain old elbow grease when I was on a roll. I know that what I learned by working with Laura will stay with me and help me keep my home in order in the future!” – H.G., Melrose, MA

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